What is the PageRank?

The PageRank is a numeric value (counted from 0 to 10) representing the relevance of a website. Google counted when a website links to another site, the more sites you link, the search engine google will give more importance to your website and therefore more scoring. This also valued more links to major sites (sites linking to you more PageRank).

The higher the PageRank of your page, the browser will give more importance and are more likely to position yourself in the results of the searches. The PageRank is not the only factor to measure whether a site is important or not, but is highly valued.

How do I know my page rank?

With this tool to measure page rank can view it, should only make your website in the box (without http://) and press the button "Calculate PageRank".

Enter Site http:// Code:

After consulting your PageRank, you can create your own accountant (button) for placing PageRank on your website.

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